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Tuition Payment

Zion Lutheran School requires all families to sign up for the automatic payment system through FACTS Management Company for their monthly tuition fees.  To sign up for the service, you must first log on to https://online.factsmgt.com/.  Please be aware that FACTS charges an enrollment fee when setting up your account.

Your bank account or credit card will then be charged for the tuition fees owed each month.  Should a bank draft be rejected by your bank for any reason, return check charges will apply. The credit cards accepted by FACTS are MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

You will have the option of selecting whether you want your payment to occur on the 5th or 20th, giving you the flexibility to manage your cash flow.

When combined with RenWeb’s Pay Now service, FACTS provides you the ability to make all your payments electronically.  This provides definite advantages for you and the school.  You save time and your payments are posted automatically to your account.  Likewise, the school saves the time and energy required to manually process and record checks received in the mail.  The difference between Pay Now and FACTS is Pay Now is used for a one-time payment (i.e. before or after school care charges, registration fee and band fees).  FACTS is used for a recurring monthly payment (i.e. tuition).

Zion Lutheran School is requiring all parents to use FACTS to make tuition payments.  There are two exceptions:  1.) You may pay the entire year’s tuition in one payment by the 1st of August.  2.) You may pay for your child’s tuition in two installments.  The first payment is due the 1st of August and the second payment is due the 1st of January.   A reminder email will be sent out prior to the debit or credit charge.