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Kindergarten Curriculum Descriptions

by | Aug 13, 2018

Kindergarten Curriculum Descriptions


Religion– The One in Christ curriculum emphasizes Jesus’ love for each student.  This focus incorporates God’s love for us as shone in His plan for salvation.  The Bible stories are enhanced through chapel worship, songs, puppets, books and finger plays.  Prayer and sharing from God’s word are intertwined throughout the day.


Phonics and Handwriting-Fostering strong phonemic awareness, the Superkids Reading Program balances all five essential elements of reading and integrates reading, writing and grammar.  High-frequency words and handwriting activities are also practiced.  Handwriting without Tears is a multisensory handwriting program with hands-on materials that teaches good handwriting habits.


Mathematics-In the McGraw-Hill My Math program, new learning is presented in increments and progresses at a pace that allows children to develop competence and confidence through daily work at the morning meeting, new concepts, and lesson practice.  Hands-on manipulatives and learning games reinforce the concepts of counting, measurement, shapes, patterns, graphing, time and money.


Science-The HMH/Fusion curriculum promotes the child’s awareness of the physical, environmental and life sciences.  Units of study include plants, animals, habitats, the earth, it’s weather and seasons, matter, energy and motion.


Social Studies-The Pearson Social Studies curriculum is a study of students’ family, school, the community and its helpers, where we live, history and traditions.  The curriculum in enhanced through maps, activities, songs and posters.


Music-Macmillan/McGrawHill’s music curriculum introduces music concepts, such as tempo, voices, high and low pitch and moving to music.


Physical Education-Physical education promotes the child’s development of fine and gross motor skills through games and activities.


Art- Art Attack is a video based art curriculum.  The goal of the program is to teach every child to express himself through art by using a variety of media.  Lessons on famous artists, their work and other cultures are also included.


Computer-Students reinforce basic math and reading skills using a variety of educational software.  Students practice mouse control and begin using the keyboard with Paint and Word.