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Girls Basketball

Zion Lutheran School offers girls’ basketball for girls in fifth through eighth grades.  Generally, the teams are split into A team and C team.

A Team is generally for seventh and eighth grade girls.  This is our most competitive level of play, in which playing time is not split equally.  This team practices or plays four days of every week.  We play our games against other Lutheran Schools in the area, most of which are part of the Lutheran Conference.  We also play in 2-3 tournaments throughout the season.  The season starts in early August and ends in mid-October.

A Team contact: Kristen Wyzard kwyzard@zionbethalto.org

C Team is generally for fifth and sixth grade girls, and is considered a development level.  Playing time is more equal, with the hopes of giving every girl time to develop her skills. This team practices or plays three days per week.  As with A team, we play against other Lutheran Schools in the area, along with 2-3 tournaments throughout the season.

C Team contact: Tim Lorenz tlorenz@melhs.org

Athletic Director: Kristen Wyzard kwyzard@zionbethalto.org

At times during the season, we may have games or tournaments for D Team or B Team.  D Team is for 5th grade and below (4th grade if needed), and B Team is for 7th grade and below.


Link for A team schedule

Link for C team schedule