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Aug 15, 2018

Zion Lutheran School works with Bethalto Community Unit School District to create Individual Service Plans for those students that require such help.  Students that require speech therapy receive group or individual sessions for 20 minutes once a week. This is provided by Bethalto Public Schools. Teachers work in collaboration, to create individualized plans for students that need extra help in both academic and social areas.  All students are tested via AIMS Web Plus reading and math in order to identify any areas of need. This testing takes place 3 times a year. Students that are identified through this test are then placed into academic enrichment times. These times are set aside to provide extra help for those students, during the school day, to improve on their academic skills.


For those individuals that require more assistance, Zion does adjust learning plans.  Students are kept within the classroom, but may at times be assigned homework to best meet their needs.  Along with the typical assignments, Zion utilizes such programs as MobyMax and ALECS to differentiate for math and reading.  In our lower grades, students are assessed on their reading levels, allowing teachers to intervene early on with assistance.


Zion also provides an accelerated math program in our junior high department, where students can take pre-algebra in 7th grade and algebra in 8th grade.  This provides students with the ability to possibly test out of high school algebra upon entering their freshman year.