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8th Grade Curriculum

Updated Fall 2018


In 8th grade we use, Voyages: Exploring God’s Word; Contemporary Issues developed by Concordia Publishing House.  Throughout the year, we explore and discuss various current topics and issues.  Discussion often centers around real-life experience, and Biblical references are used throughout.  Throughout this study and the work of the Holy Spirit, students will grow in their faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.


Memory Work

Luther’s Small Catechism is used for students to memorize doctrinal essentials and Bible verses which are essentials of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. Not only will students expand their knowledge of Bible verses and Doctrine, but students will also train their brains to memorize material for future use.



Students will learn basic doctrines of Zion Lutheran Church and the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. The six Chief parts of Luther’s Small Catechism are the basis for this class students, through the work of the holy spirit, will grow in their faith and understanding of the Bible. This class is taught by one of the pastors or a DCE of Zion Lutheran Church.



Students and 8th grade are placed in either pre-algebra or Algebra 1 based upon performance, achievement test scores, teacher recommendation, and mathematical aptitude.


Math: Modeling Real Life by Big Ideas Math is the Pre-Algebra book used for 8th grade. This is a transitional math book designed to help students move from the concrete concepts of arithmetic to the abstract concepts of algebra. Basic operations, fractions, decimals, geometry, exponents, and other pre-algebra topics are introduced and reviewed in this class.


Algebra 1: A Bridge To Success by Big Ideas Math is the Algebra 1 Book used for 8th grade. Algebra is an advanced class and uses a high school textbook. The students will use the text and supplemental materials to learn and compute operations and functions using fractions, decimals, variables and like terms. Students will also explore area, volume, geometry, numbers, scientific notation, and polynomials. Students successfully completing this course we ate will be able to advance to the next level of math in high school.



Writer’s Choice Grammar and Composition, published by Glencoe, is used to study and practice the concepts of Grammar and Writing. Students will review and practice composition skills, the usage and mechanics of grammar, and develop skills to promote better communication in a changing world.



Collections by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is our Literature series.  Students read and analyze works of Literature focused on the following themes: Culture and Belonging, The Thrill of Horror, The Move Toward Freedom, Approaching Adulthood, Anne Frank’s Legacy, and The Value of Work.  Students will focus on critical thinking and analysis when reading, with the purpose of helping them connect literary works to real-world themes.

Also, each student will have the opportunity to visit the school library once per week to further their reading opportunities.



Vocabulary Workshop C/D, published by Sadlier-Oxford, enables students to learn spelling, meaning, and the use of selective vocabulary words. Students also will develop strategies to improve writing with the use of new and varied words.



Science Fusion A/B/C, H/I/J, published by Holt McDougal is the series for Science.  Used on an alternating basis with 7th grade, students will either be studying Life Science or Physical Science during the course of the year.  Classroom projects and labs will emphasize material found in the textbook.



United States History, published by HOLT is used for 8th grade. The students learn about the history of the United States beginning with the first people to migrate to the Americas all the way to the present day. Students also take the Illinois and Federal Constitution tests.



Arts Attack DVD Series is used for art class. The teacher May supplement with a variety of other projects as well. The students will study and practice the six elements of art. Projects will focus on the use of lines, shapes, textures, space, light, and color. Students will also study famous artworks such as Kandinsky, Hockney, Bierstadt, and Michelangelo.



Share the Music, published by McGraw-Hill, is used for music class along with internet resources. Students will explore various areas of music, including composers, genre, and basic notes and tones.


Physical Education

Students participate in education twice weekly, completing activities from the SPARK physical education program. Units include soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, and softball. The Fitnessgram assessment is used for the Presidential Fitness Program.



Students have a computer class twice weekly to work on digital citizenship, presentations, web page design, publishing, and Lego Robotics. They are also issued a Chromebook to use in all of their classes. We utilize Google Classroom as our online learning platform.