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7th Grade Curriculum

Seventh Grade Curriculum


We utilize the Concordia Publishing House series of One in Christ, Level 7.

Students have weekly  memory work assignments in which they learn a variety of Bible passages.  This curriculum has been designed so that through the Word and Spirit of God, students of all abilities work through and study these units

  • God and His Word
  • The Holy Spirit Blesses the Church: The Third Article
  • God the Father’s Gracious Gifts: The First Article
  • Jesus Brings Salvation: The Second Article
  • God Hears and Answers His People: The Lord’s Prayer
  • Worship: In Liturgy and Life
  • God Comes to Us Through the Means of Grace
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Witnessing: Faith for Life

Students also have twice weekly Confirmation lessons and memory assignments which focus on the Small Catechism and Old Testament themes.


We use the series Collections by Houghton Miflin Harcourt.  This series is a combination of

on-line and textbook lessons.  The lessons come from short stories, poems, graphic novel segments, novels and short research projects. Students will practice Close reading, finding context clues, reading for understanding and uses of figurative language.



We use Glencoe McGraw-Hill Writer’s Choice Grammar and Composition.  Seventh graders apply writing and grammar skills including parts of speech, sentence types, capitalization, punctuation, speaking and listening.  Students recognize and use simple, complex and compound sentences in weekly journal assignments. They recognize and use standard editing symbols in numerous written projects.

Spelling and Vocabulary

We use Sadlier Oxford’s Vocabulary Workshop Level A and B.  Seventh graders demonstrate spelling and word usage through application.  They take weekly spelling and meaning tests. They identify and understand the literal and figurative meaning of words through analogies, word puzzles and practice.


Seventh grade students use the textbook Big Ideas Math; A Common Core Curriculum.   Students do a great deal of problems  leading up to pre-algebra by the end of the year. Students that do exceedingly well on a placement test (given in August) have the option of advancing to the Algebra class.


The students use the curriculum from Science Fusion by Holt McDougal.  This curriculum is made up of three sections: Matter and Energy, Motion Forces and Energy and Sound and Light.  This curriculum combines a written textbook and many on-line projects, experiments and tests.



The students use the textbook Geography: The World and Its People  by Glencoe-McGraw Hill.  With this textbook the students  study in great detail the seven continents.  This class involves the study of the people, places, climate and landforms that make each continent different.  Students use and make many maps with the class.


Seventh graders have Art instruction once a week.  The focus of the program is to use of the Art Attack video series .  This is a series of DVD’s that highlight the elements of art and famous artists.  Students watch a presentation of an art project and then create their own.  The projects highlight form, composition, color, texture and line

Physical Education

 In this class the students work through ten units.  These units include football, basketball, volleyball, Frisbee golf, aerobic exercise, relay races and the Presidential Fitness Program.  Awards for success with the Physical Fitness Program are presented each Spring at an awards night.


Seventh graders have choir at least once a week.  They learn a wide variety of Christian songs and hymns to participate in a Zion worship service on a rotational basis.  Students are also involved in the school choir or in Classroom Music. Those students in Classroom Music use McMillan /McGraw Hill Share the Music.  They are exposed to many elements of music including performance, understanding, writing, playing and responding to music.


Seventh grade students have Spanish once a week. We use the program educacion/espanol as developed by Northern Ariziona University.  Each 55 minute lesson is dedicated to vocabulary and verb usage of the Spanish language.