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4th Grade Curriculum


One in Christ by CPH is the study of various Bible stories from both the Old Testament and the New Testament.  Students learn of God’s love and care for people through the ages.  Fourth graders study the story of Abraham and the story for Moses.  They also study some miracles of Jesus.  Fourth graders also memorize selected Bible verses as well as the Ten Commandments and the meanings.  Each Wednesday students attend a school chapel service. Prayer and sharing from God’s Word are intertwined throughout the day.




In Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Journeys series students read samples from award winning authors.  The series is broken down into six-five week themes.  They are exposed to all kinds of literature.  Written exercises emphasize comprehension, interpretation, and vocabulary.  Fourth graders also do 3 novel studies and are part of an Accelerated Reader program.



On a weekly basis the fourth graders write in their journal usually using some kind of writing prompt.  Writing is also taught between each Grammar unit, as well as being integrated in other subjects.




Our English curriculum is the Houghton Mifflin English.  The students apply writing and grammar skills with instruction on parts of speech, mechanics, and vocabulary.  As stated above, the English curriculum also incorporates writing units throughout the year.



Spelling is part of the Journeys series. Weekly tests are given over a specific set of words-usually with the same phonetic pattern.  During the week, the words are practiced using a variety of methods so they become of part of the students’ overall written and oral vocabulary.





McGraw-Hill My Math is used at Zion Lutheran School.  Lesson and activities focus on computational proficiency and problem solving.  Students focus on whole numbers (up to one million), fractions, mixed numbers, place value, time, graphing, geometry, data, measurement, multiplying and dividing by two-digit numbers, probability, decimals, estimation, and mental math.  Fourth graders concentrate on learning the basic facts in all four operations by memory.



Science Fusion from the publisher of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is used in fourth grade.  Units include: Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science.  There are sub categories for each of the four main units.  A Christian perspective is included in the lessons taught.


Social Studies

Harcourt School Publishers States and Regions is the book used in fourth grade.  Fourth graders study the states and regions of the United States.  Areas covered include history, geography, government, resources, land, and people.  They learn map and globe skills, charts and graph skills, and critical thinking and research skills.



Fourth graders have art instruction each week. The Arts Attack DVD program is used.  The curriculum teaches the elements of art and promotes creativity among the students.



Handwriting Without Tears is used to help students continue to master cursive handwriting.  Handwriting is taught and practiced once or twice a week.  Practicing, reviewing, and evaluating are done throughout the year giving each fourth grader a chance to develop their cursive handwriting.








Fourth graders have choir once a week.  They learn a wide variety of Christian songs and hymns and participate in a Zion church service on a rotational basis.  All students prepare and present a Spring Musical.

Once a week students have a Music class.  We use McMillan-McGraw Hill Share the Music.  Students learn elements of music including, singing, playing, moving to, interpreting, understanding, reading and writing of music.  Sight reading music and learning to play a recorder are also taught.



Elementary Spanish developed by Northern Arizona University is the curriculum used for Spanish class.  In Spanish, fourth graders will learn how to communicate in Spanish by learning Spanish vocabulary and basic sentences.  They will also gain an understanding of the Spanish culture.



Fourth Grade students have computer class twice a week.  They learn computer terminology and parts. Keyboarding is practiced using the program Keyboarding Without Tears.  Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word are taught with final projects used as assessment tools.  Searching the internet and internet safety are also discussed and practiced.


Physical Education

Fourth Graders also participate in physical education twice a week.  The National Association for Sport and Physical Education Standards are followed.  A variety of activities and games are used to develop motor skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship.  Rules and procedures for certain games are introduced and taught as well as basic fundamentals for a specific game or action.  The students also participate in the President’s National Physical Fitness Test.