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Second Grade Curriculum

 Religion: One In Christ, is a study of Bible stories from Adam and Eve to Moses and King David. Nine separate small unit booklets also include the coming of Jesus, His miracles, teachings and life. Students learn of God’s love for them. Second graders memorize selected Bible verses and the Ten Commandments. Each Wednesday students attend a school chapel service. 

Reading: Zaner-Bloser Super Kids, helps second graders practice phonics, reading fluency, writing, and life lessons.  We will follow the Super Kids as they learn to work through problems that everyday students encounter at school.  Along with this we will be focusing on solidifying the basics on phonetic sounds in words, sight words, and become incredible readers.  Super Kids does a fantastic job of introducing leveled book clubs as well as nonfiction magazines every other unit. Through Super Kids, we will have our 12 spelling words and 10 sight words every week.  

Writing: Students are encouraged to write regularly. Writing is integrated throughout the day and intertwined in many subject areas.  We also have a weekly sectional of Writer’s Workshop where we focus on a different convention of writing. Students are asked to write in a journal along with illustrating what they have written.  Students use Handwriting Without Tears to become proficient in their printing in preparation for third grade when they will be taught cursive.

Mathematics: Mc-Graw Hill, My Math, allows second graders to cover addition, subtraction, telling time, counting coins, and reading graphs.  Each chapter covers a new subject area that we dive into as a class. Along with the chapters covered in class, students will become fluent in addition facts 0-12, subtraction facts 0-12, and some beginning multiplication facts.  We will typically use math centers, allowing students to work in small groups and have small group instruction as well. Students will utilize the math section of Moby Max to further enhance their math skills.  

Science: Fusion SCIENCE is used to introduce scientific discovery through units including life science, physical science, earth science and the human body.  Many hands on experiments and projects bring science to life. Students’ use of a notebook aids in developing study skills. 

Social Studies: Pearson: My World Social Studies  includes the following units: My Community, My Country; Working to Meet Our Needs; The World Around Us; Celebrating Our Traditions; Our Nation Past and Present. Students learn map and globe skills, as well as chart and graph skills.  

Art: Second graders have art instruction each week. The focus of the art program is not only to teach students the elements of art (line, shape, form, color, texture, composition and perspective), but also to foster creativity.  

Music: Students have music instruction during each week. Music involves singing, listening, and playing simple instruments. They learn a wide variety of Christian songs and hymns and participate in Zion Lutheran Church Sunday morning worship services.  

Physical Education: Second Graders have Physical Education twice a week. Students participate in activities to develop strength, endurance, and flexibility. They develop basic skills in individual and team sports. Emphasis placed on cooperation as a team and showing good sportsmanship.   

Cultural Experiences: Students go on field trips that are related to units and learning activities in class.